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A network of stories: Participatory Installation Art (Joana Samapaio and Ann Antidote)
Instalation Savages: Antidote, Joana Sampaio

We propose an interactive installation, where you are invited to bring and incorporate environmental related objects. Be a part of an art installation! Joana Sampaio and Ann Antidote make an interactive installation with organic materials, and with the participants, who want to be a part of something big and communal art action.

Bondage with furniture
Webpage 'h2-studio berlin'
There are vulvae around you, if you choose to build them (Workshop)
Fenotypes (work in progress)
Rope to vulva: there will be vulvae around you if choose to do them
Ghost-rigging (Bondage)
Who is not here
Performance Incaged! #2 - art is magic
Where do you come from? A cocky answer...
Bondage Performance
Transen Fesseln
Performance "The Tenderness of Wolves"
Just friends (provisory name) - Rope Performance
Parole, parole? -(un)hollow words
Attack of the Glands
Vulvae meet paper meets scissor
Bondage tie-up jam
Open up - Rope Performance
Beyond monogamy - when two are not enough, in so many ways
There are vulvas around you, if you choose to see them (Film)
Destruction of Dude (feminist tentacle porn)
Knives - a cutting-edge workshop
Counterattacking from the kitchen
SafeR-Sex and BDSM
The Ides of March Vulva - tu quoque vulva
Cunt to Cunt, follow the rope way
The Four Horsemen of the Apocowboylypse
Rapunzel, a hairy story about identities (provisory)
There are vulvas everywhere if you choose to see them (Performance)
O careto (the masket)
Hummingbirds in the Burgeoning Bushes (PornChoir)
Where does your body start? A multidisciplinary(*) installation
Eu sou daqui - I am from here
Bondage beyond the basic knot
The Strange Savage of the Savages: Trailer
Where does a body end?
There are vulvas around you, if you choose to see them (Landscape Art + Photos)
Paisagen(s) com homem
Entangled in stories
Cinderella, walk on my shoes
Dein zweites Ich
For Christ's sake, what the hell do you think you are doing?
Bondage Demodance
Video Landscape with timber and wood in in
Paisagem com madeira (Landscape with timber and wood)
Hand Bondage (for hearts and hands)
When granny walks the door
Bond-Age d'Amour
Bondage private lessons (all levels)
Introduction to suspension
Bondage with emphasys on improvisation
in bed with John Lennon
Bondage suspension (tsuri) almost regular workshop
Bondage 101 and tie-up improvisation
BDSM show-and-tell, talk and discussion
There is no place like home
Placet Plus Ultra
Cuntries of the world
Where do you come from? A cocky answer...
'Gay Love Story' Postcards
Blog 'the Sexual Life of the Savages'
Jute Disintegration: An instalation
schlampige Polytanten electronic group (moderator)
mailing list admin 'PolyPortugal'
Webpage 'die Schlampige Polytanten'
Polyamoury regular Munch in Porto
Women+lesbian+trans* Polyamoury regular Munch in Munich
Women+Lesbian+Trans* Polyamoury Munch (Berlin)
Slut Meadow (aka Schlampenau), the camp (orga support)
Information Stall at Porto Pride
I CSD March Porto, 2006
Blog "Our Laundry List"
Articles for Zona Livre, the monthly magazine of Clube Safo
Articles for the "Krake" zine
Booklet 'Polyamoury and CSD demos"
Contribution to 'Bichana' zine and blog from Panteras Rosa Portugal
Blog PolyPortugal
Polyamory; network, activism and media vectors
Polyamory 101
Introduction to Bondage (safety, basic techniques, first meters of rope)
Saying NO!
Pretty Hommo Eccus tied up
Entre vários Mundos (Zwischen allen Welten)
Bondage rope preparation
Queere Elternschaften*
SafeR sex
White summer night
BDSM and queer BDSM: term clarification and talk
Polyamory and Networks
Do you want to talk about consent?
Save the Place
Vacations in Slut Meadow
Gay Love Story
Offrande Blanche
Jealousy Management
Remember Gay Love Story
Bondage regular event